EverQuest Next No restriction on classes within a race. (Maybe)

EverQuest Next, Sony Online Entertainment’s upcoming massively multiplayer online role-playing game, will ship without race-class restrictions, as the developers discussed in a recent roundtable published on YouTube.

Check out the video above to see senior brand manager Omeed Dariani, senior producer Terry Michaels and creative director Jeff Butler discuss the pros and cons of the decision to allow all races to have access to all classes. You’ll also learn why the developers decided against a plurality of voters in a recent poll about this very topic.

“We wanted to create a situation where our players were never forced to make a decision that they would later regret, based on knowledge that they didn’t have at that stage in their careers,” Butler said. “During character create, we didn’t want them to have to make a decision on career paths that they might later come to regret.”

SOURCE EverQuest Next on YouTube